Silver Pack (complete)


Complete Drone pilot course (theory and practice): Open + Specific categories + Radio Operator course

What’s included?
Complete drone pilot course (Open and Specific categories) plus Radio Operator course.
Get professional training in the drone sector, get the official certificates at levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Open Category, Specific Category and Certification as a Radio Operator, with the advice of our training department, and rely on the extensive experience of our instructors. (Includes flight practices). Also obtain the Radio Operator Course, necessary to carry out flights with drones in controlled airspace.

– Sign up in online classroom with all the theory you will need to study, extense database of official exams, web forum, complementary training material and exercises, both theoretical and practical.
– Guides, personalized tutorships and doubt solving during the course.
– We guarantee you will obtain AESA official certificates (A1/A3, A2, STS and Radio Operator)
– Practical flying (with DataDron own professional drones) for Open Category (drone flight initiation)
– Certified flight practices (with DataDron own professional drones)
– Practical title in Official Standard Scenarios STS-01 and STS-02 (Specific Category)

P.V.P.: 530€

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