Videos and photos with drones


Increase your communication capacity and save with us

9 out of 10 consumers watch videos of those brands they follow! We help companies position and promote their product using aerial videos and images and incorporating them in their content marketing.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors and gain greater visibility.
Our drones images open new possibilities, achieving a different perspective that shows any product in a very flattering way and increasing its value.





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Cost reduction

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  Higher quality


Different point of view


Increased content marketings


Real estate

Real estate market is highly competitive and showing properties on the best way possible is a must. Aerial photos and videos allow to obtain images of any property in the most suitable way, being the fastest and most engaging way to share information about it.


There is no small client nor work without quality: we always give our best!
We adapt to the needs of every project and location, we know the best way to promote your touristic product is an aerial video or photo. This is an important marketing tool that adds engaging content to any web or presentation.
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Flight planning

Depending on the location of the product, official permissions are required – but don´t worry, we will take care of everything! The filming will be made from different heights, angles and perspectives, depending on the product and its location.

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Video editing

We offer an additional video editing service following the guidelines and needs of each client.

Video delivery

In case you have required a video edition, we will deliver the videos in the following formats: AVI, MP4 and its variants.

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