At DATADRON we work with the latest generation drones, equipped with state-of-the-art technology to guarantee efficiency and safety at all times, thus allowing quality acquisition of aerial data.

MATRICE 210 v2

Latest generation drone specialized for inspection, rescue and prospecting work. Prepared to work in extreme conditions and with multiple load configurations.
With this drone you can carry out detailed work without risk, even under adverse conditions. Designed to carry out Inspection work (Power Lines, Wind Turbines, Bridges, Telecommunications, Solar Panels, Off-Shore Installations), Search and Rescue, Fire Fighting, Precision Agriculture, Cartography. Helps significantly improving safety, results obtained, time spent and costs.


This drone has a real image sensor with 4K resolution to capture visible light and a FLIR Lepton® thermal micro camera to capture thermal data. These sensors allow you to fly at night or in low visibility conditions such as fog or smoke. Ideal for industrial inspections in adverse conditions, search and rescue, surveillance, etc.


Small, highly modern drone, which is very versatile and ideal for jobs such as advertising videos and photogrammetry. It is the best drone on the market for aerial photography, in its Pro version it is equipped with the new Hasselblad L1D-20c camera, with a 1 ″ CMOS sensor. This professional camera allows to take aerial images at 20Mp thanks to the HNCS (Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution) technology.




Kika Luczak
Founding Partner DATADRON

“My eagerness is to help our clients find the right product for their needs and possibilities, offering a personalized service in Spanish, English and German.
I have recently obtained the drone pilot license adding it to that of trucks, cars and motorcycles…, there is no vehicle that resists me!”