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Photogrammetry with drones

The use of drones as a tool to obtain spatial data from the terrain using photogrammetry has revolutionized the way of working in many sectors such as surveying, engineering and the various disciplines that require this type of information. Especially with the rapid development that this type of vehicle is experiencing, the implementation, in these, of the PPK and RTK positioning systems that allow positioning between centimeters and millimeters and the continuous appearance of new applications.

Considering the number of advantages that the use of these air vehicles entails:

  • Quick data collection and reduction of field work.
  • High resolution of the final products.
  • Obtaining data in areas with difficult access and large areas in a simple and fast way.
  • Reduction of the risks associated with working in areas that may pose a danger (mines, civil works, etc.).
Curso de inspecciones fotovoltaicas con drones Datadron

Es una herramienta que reduce considerablemente los costes de ejecución de cualquier proyecto en que sea necesario datos del terreno de calidad y acelera los tiempos de ejecución.

For this reason, knowledge of this methodology will give you the possibility of using these valuable work tools and will position you within the labor market.

Piloto dron fotovoltaicas datadron

What is the Drone Photography Course like?

1. Course objective

Train on the use of drones in photogrammetry, provide the necessary tools for their application and provide the necessary knowledge to tackle a photogrammetric project with drones efficiently and professionally.

2. Who is the course aimed at?

To all those people who want to go one step further and specialize in a sector with high demand for employment. It is also an added value in the CV of all those who want to professionalize in this sector.

3. Requirements for the completion of the course

Be 18 years old

Have a computer with the following specifications:

  • Processor: Intel®Core ™ i7- 8750H CPU @ 2.20 Hz, or higher.
    RAM: 16Gb or higher.
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, or higher.
    Hard Drive: Minimum space 256Gb.
    Operating system: Windows 7 or higher.

4. How is the course structured?

  • Theoretical Block 10h.
  • Practical Block 25h.
  • The drones to be used are
  • DJI Phantom 4 RTK

5. Programa del curso



TEMA 1. Fotogrametría.

  • Qué es la fotogrametría.
  • Proceso fotogramétrico.
  • Diferencias entre topografía convencional y fotogrametría.
  • Aplicaciones de la fotogrametría con drones.

TEMA 2. Posicionamiento.

  • GNSS y tipos de correccion / solución.
  • Tipos de GNSS (RTK, PPK, PPP).
  • Comparativa de soluciones y métodos. Importancia del método a elegir.
  • El uso de GCP (Ground Control Points).


TEMA 3. Cámaras.

  • La imagen digital.
  • Tipos de cámaras usadas en los drones para fotogrametría.
  • Parámetros de fotografía a tener en cuenta de la cámara.

TEMA 4. Drones para fotogrametría.

  • Clasificación de los equipos UAV.
  • ¿Qué dron usar en fotogrametría?
  • Drones más usados en fotogrametría.


TEMA 5. Planificación y diseño de vuelos para fotogrametría.

  • Proyecto fotogramétrico.
  • Planificación de vuelos fotogrametríco en terreno montañoso.
  • Parámetro a tener en cuenta en la planificación del vuelo.

TEMA 6. Aplicaciones para la planificiación de vuelo.

  • UgCS.
  • DJI Pilot.



  • Ejercicios prácticos online.
  • Planificación y diseño de vuelos para fotogrametría.
  • Procesado y corrección mediante GCP.
  • Prácticas de campo.
  • Jornada de adquisición de datos de campo.
  • Jornada de procesados de datos de campo.

6. Place of practices

The practices will take place in Tenerife

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1. Access to the digital platform.

2. A full day of practice.

3. Diploma at the end of the course

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When we receive the total amount of the course you will receive an email of completed order.

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Is there a maximum time to complete the course?


The student has a maximum period of 6 MONTHS to complete the evaluation of the entire course (theory and practice), counted from the day after the start of the course. If this period is exhausted without having passed the course, she may re-enroll, paying the amount of 200 euros within 7 days after the end of the 6 months. After this second period of 7 days, you must pay the full registration fee to restart the course. Force majeure cases will be assessed so as not to have to make the extra payment of 200 euros.

Once the online assessment is completed, the student must attend the mandatory face-to-face session required in Appendix I of AESA, which includes the theoretical face-to-face exam and the mandatory theoretical-practical face-to-face exam, consisting of multiple choice questions. In the event that the student does not pass in the three attempts provided for each exam, she must attend a new face-to-face session, under the same conditions.

For the face-to-face practical part, a minimum of 4 students per course will be needed.

The student will be informed of the face-to-face session that suits him best, among those that are being convened, he may also ask for the closest call as he completes the online theory, provided that he meets the established conditions and there are places available.

Once the course has been passed or the 6 MONTH period has ended without having passed it, the contractual relationship with the student will be terminated, if the enrollment has not been renewed in the stipulated time.

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Does it include support to answer questions?
Of course.

The student has tutoring via email and the course forums, which will be attended by the instructors.


What degree will you receive at the end of the course?

Once all the online and face-to-face evaluation has been approved, DATADRON S.L. and Preolix will issue the corresponding certificate of aptitude.