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Alejandro Polo Santabárbara


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+34 722 174 549

18 years of experience working as a marine geophysicist.
Alex is specialized in all types of marine, terrestrial and aerial research hardware and software.
His vast experience in the use, development, implementation and calibration of aerial and submarine drones is essential for the successful development of each mission.

Mar Garralón


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+34 646 459 275

Pilot and operations manager. Previously, she gained years of experience as a designer and thanks to this, Mar adds 15 years of experience in the use of 3D design and visualization software. She has recently discovered this new world of drones, in which she has developed and specialized in drone operations, demonstrating great aptitude for it.


We are a Drone Operator created by a group of drone pilots based in the south of Tenerife/Canary Islands, from where we cover all of Spain.

We have all necessary theoretical, practical and advanced piloting certificates, as much as and as AESA`s permit to fly in controlled airspaces, being one of few professional drone companies that are able to offer full aerial surveying and filming services in almost any area of Spain.

We are fully committed to safety and have all aeronautical civil liability insurances in accordance with current and mandatory regulations, the base line to be able to offer aerial services with professional drones.




Alejandro Polo
Founding Partner DATADRON

“I am thrilled being able to apply my knowledge achieved during these years in my submarine jobs now in the aerial environment. Being part of the development of this world in incredible expansion and with an endless number of applications still to be defined, fulfils me with deep satisfaction ”