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Datadron is a young and dinamic company where every profile is welcome. Each one of us is an expert on it’s own field of work but we all share a teamwork spirit. We have a unique technical focus which benefits all our clients. Also with our trainig we share our knowledge and experience with our students.



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18 years of experience working as a marine geophysicist.
Alex is specialized in all types of marine, terrestrial and aerial research hardware and software.
His vast experience in the use, development, implementation and calibration of aerial and submarine drones is essential for the successful development of each mission.

Mar Garralón


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Pilot and operations manager. Previously, she gained years of experience as a designer and thanks to this, Mar adds 15 years of experience in the use of 3D design and visualization software. She has recently discovered this new world of drones, in which she has developed and specialized in drone operations, demonstrating great aptitude for it.

Jairo Sacramento


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Drone pilot, Bachelor of Geology and Master of Water Quality with experience in GIS and geophysical data processing. Within Datadron he is an operations and R+D+i technician, participating in photogrammetry projects, technical inspections in Reduced Spaces and marine geophysics. Among his interests, projects within the environmental and scientific-technical sector stand out.

Antonio Bolaños



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Drone pilot since 2015, and head of the Training Department. In these years he has gained experience in multiple sectors in the use of unmanned aircraft, such as industrial inspections, audiovisual recordings, development of drone solutions, and above all a great experience in training new drone pilots..

Alberto Elortegui



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Industrial Technical Engineer and drone pilot with more than 5 years of experience working in GIS environments as coordinator of design teams and installation of optical fiber. Operations technician, performing inspections in renewable energy facilities, photogrammetry and marine geophysics. He coordinates collaborative projects with other entities for R&D&I.

Gabriel Cabrera



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More than 15 years of experience in the world of Emergencies (Emergencies and Security Coordination Center 112 and SUC) knowledge in protocols and emergency groups. In charge at DATADRON in training of emergency groups such as Firefighters, Civil Protection, Police, Environment, search and rescue groups. Drill and drone units developer.

Ana Díaz



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Pedro Rodríguez


We are a Drone Operator established in the island of Tenerife on the Canary Islands, from where we offer our services to the whole spanish territories.

We have all the official certificates both practical and theorical as well as advanced flight certificates and AESA permits needed to fly in controlled air spaces. Being one of the few professional drone companies that can offer it’s services of data acquisition and recording in almost every place in Spain.

We are fully commited with air safety standards, and we have all the mandatory aeronautical liability insurance needed according to the rulings in force to be able to fly and offer professional aerial drone services.




Alejandro Polo
Founding Member DATADRON

“I am very excited about being able to apply everything I have learned during these years in the underwater work I have done, and now in the aerial world. Being part of the development of a world in incredible expansion and with endless applications yet to be defined, fills me with satisfaction”